Here's What We Know So Far About The Attacks In Brussels

by Alexandra Svokos
Francois Lenoir / Reuters

Update 3/24 8:37 pm EST:

Authorities in Belgium detained six people in raids on Thursday night in connection to the terror attacks. So far, none of the names have been released.

Update 3/23 4:15 pm EST:

Belgian authorities identified a third attacker as Najim Laachraoui, AP reports. He was one of the suicide bombers at the airport.

Laachraoui is also suspected to be the bombmaker of the fall Paris attacks. His DNA was found on suicide belts used in that attack.

Update 3/23 9:25 am EST:

Belgian authorities have identified two brothers, Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, 30, and Khalid el-Bakraoui, 27, as suicide bombers who carried out the attacks. They are still working to identify a third suspect.

The el-Bakraouis were Belgians with criminal records. Ibrahim el-Bakraoui attacked the airport along with another man and Khalid el-Bakraoui attacked the subway station.

Update 1:32 pm EST:

The Brussels police have confirmed a photo of three suspects in the attacks at the Brussels airport, according to the New York Times.

The Brussels police are asking if anyone can help identify one of the suspects.

Update 1:00 pm EST:

Brussels officials have confirmed that 30 people died in the attacks, with 10 at the airport and 20 at the subway station, according to CNN. More than 230 people were wounded.

Update 11:36 am EST:

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

ISIS said in a statement that members used explosive belts and devices, as well as opening fire in the airport.

Original story:

Several explosions happened on Tuesday morning in Brussels, Belgium. The attacks occurred four days after Salah Abdeslam, the suspected organizer of last fall's attacks in Paris, was captured in Belgium.

This is what we know so far.

There were explosions in two locations.

There were two explosions at the Brussels international airport and one in a central subway station, according to the New York Times.

The explosions at the airport happened in the departure hall around 8 am, local time. The subway explosion was at the Maelbeek station, which is apparently near some European Union buildings.

At least 28 people died.

Officials said that 15 people died at the subway station and the media are reporting that 13 people died at the airport, according to the BBC.

That number is expected to change as more information is confirmed.

The Belgian prime minister has called this terrorism.

Prime Minister Charles Michel said,

We were fearing terrorist attacks, and that has now happened.

Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw is also calling this terrorism, according to the Associated Press. He said it's likely there was a suicide bomber at the airport.

Brussels is on lockdown.

The city is completely shut down. The airport is closed and incoming flights are being diverted. All public transportation has been shut down.

People in Brussels are being told to stay where they are and not use phones as the lines are overrun. Authorities suggested people instead use social media. Facebook launched a safety check-in for the city.

We will update this post as there is more information.