Women Rejected By Hot Guys Are More Likely To Be Cold-Hearted

by Emily Arata

If the world of dating bewilders you, you're not alone. Scientists feel the same way.

A couple of studies recently published in Social Psychological and Personality Science examined the way women reacted after being rejected by attractive men.

The team created dating profiles for the women and prepared two fake male profiles: a "physically attractive" male profile and a "less attractive" male profile. The researchers then told the 126 female participants they had a chance of potentially meeting either man at the end of the experiment.

After being rejected from the "attractive" man, results showed the woman found him less attractive than before and showed less interest in him.

When the "unattractive" man approached the women after the initial rejection, many of the women showed little desire to meet him as a result of their previous negative experiences. In other words, dating a woman on the rebound is a tough business.

Admittedly, the study leaves a lot of factors to be considered. Maybe rejection has more to do with the second man's dating profile than his actual appearance?

Still, author Geoff MacDonald thinks he's onto something. Many single people don't want a less-attractive person bringing them down even further.

In a press release, he said,

Sometimes undermining immediate acceptance may be exactly the goal when that acceptance comes from someone you don't want to be identified with.

Ouch. Love hurts.

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