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College Women Give Way More Oral Sex Than They Receive, According To A Study

Men, you really need to get it together and start giving as good as you're getting.

I mean, if the ladies are willing to lick your lollipops, you better be willing to return the favor. I'm talking 'bout putting your heads between those legs, going downtown and tonguing those peaches.

In case I'm being unclear: Guys, please step up your cunnilingus games.

A recent study from the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality surveyed Canadian college students and found men receive significantly more oral sex than women.

According to the survey, 63 percent of men claimed they received oral in their last sexual encounters, compared to only 44 percent of women. Eh? What's up with that, Canadian fellas? I thought y'all were supposed to be all polite and stuff.

The majority of both men and women reported they found oral sex pleasurable, so no excuses! If your lady doesn't ask for it, do the gentlemanly thing and offer.

The study also discovered unlike men, women found oral sex more pleasurable when they were in relationships, so that might be a factor here. Still, it never hurts to ask.

And hey, if you're really not into acquainting your tongue with genitals, that's fine. Just don't expect any blowjobs in your future. Fair's fair.

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