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This Woman Got An Insanely Bad Leg Infection From Getting A Pedicure

Welp, I got a pedicure only once in my life, and now, I guess I'm NEVER GETTING ONE AGAIN.

Apparently, if salons don't use clean clippers, you can get a crazy infection that spreads to your whole leg AND comes with a dangerous fever. Neat!!!

Stacey Wilson, a nurse at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton, Arkansas, was hospitalized for at least four days with a painful leg infection -- all because of what sounds like the worst pedicure ever.

Stacey told local reporters her pedicurist was overly aggressive with the pumice stone, cutting up her foot and toes. Three days later, she couldn't even stand because of a painful, red inflammation creeping farther and farther up her leg.

According to Michael Pafford, a doctor at Saline Memorial Hospital, the infection is called cellulitis, and it's often caused by manicures and pedicures done using un-sterile equipment. To which I say,

Peace out forever, nail salons!!! Peeling cuticles and $6 nail polish from Walmart it is!

Seriously, the bonus foot massage and girl-to-girl bonding time are not worth a literal arm and a leg. I'm staying far way from that cellulitis bullsh*t.

Stacey, who hopefully will make a full recovery, told ABC 7 she will report the salon to the health department.

Watch the video for yourself below if you want to be scared of nail salons for the rest of your life.

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