Woman Can't Open Her Eye After Using Super Glue Instead Of Eye Drops (Video)

by Eitan Levine


I didn't have a fear of accidentally getting my eye super-glued shut, but after seeing this video it's the one thing I fear most in this life.

World wars and smallpox outbreaks seem less painful than GLUING YOUR DANG EYE SHUT.

An ABC affiliate reports Katherine Gaydos of Florida had an incident with a leaf blower that ended with her needing to use eye drops.

When she yelled for help, an unnamed person on the scene went into Gaydos' bag to get the drops and squirt them in her eye.

The only issue is the bottle grabbed wasn't eye drops. It was a bottle of super glue.

Yeah. Effing, yeah. I don't need to say what happened next.

You done puking?

Luckily, the damage isn't permanent, and a doctor says the eye will kind of heal itself over time.

I'm guessing the emotional damage -- both to Katherine and to me personally -- is probably never going to heal itself, though.

HOW DO YOU EVEN COME BACK FROM GLUING YOUR EYE SHUT? It didn't even happen to me and I'm terrified of ever going near leaves or nature ever again.

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