Woman Won't Change Her Facebook Photo To The French Flag For This Reason


Following ISIS' attack on Paris, which reportedly killed 129 people, Facebook afforded users the option of using a temporary filter on their profile photos to honor the country of France during this dark time.

One user, Charlotte Farhan, chose not to use the French flag overlay on her profile photo as she believes there are many areas of the world deserving of recognition and support.

In a post penned on Saturday, a day after the tragedy, the native Parisian explained her perspective to Facebook friends.

Farhan, who now lives in Portsmouth, England, wrote,

The editor-in-chief of online magazine Art Saves Lives International gained much attention for her sentiment, including over 135,000 likes and 89,000 shares on the original status.

Expectedly, some readers felt less enthusiastic about Farhan's perspective, and so she addressed people's concerns with a follow-up post.

As ironic as it is that Farhan's refusal to focus solely on one nation's tragedy garnered massive attention for just that tragedy, her intention to spread the love and attention to those suffering worldwide is a concept worth putting into action.

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