Woman Says Winning Lottery Is Reason She Can't Get A Boyfriend

by Hope Schreiber

I'm not big on playing the lottery, because gambling is a sin. (JK. I mean it is, but that's not why I don't play. I'm just a terrible pessimistic.)

Once and a while, my dad will tell me that the pool is super high and to go buy a ticket. I quickly start imaging what I'd do with all that money.

To be honest, it looks a lot like this:

Or, more realistically, I'd pay off my student loans and put the rest away in case I need a new liver or something.

According to Jane Park, who won $1.6 million four years ago when she was just 17, winning the lottery actually kind of sucks.

She realized that even though she was rich, her problems were still right there.

(I got 99 problems, but being rich ain't one.)

Park appeared on "Loose Women ITV" and explained,

I never realized how difficult it would be. I thought everything would be amazing when [there] were times where it was just completely different to what you expect it to be like… There's a part of it that is, like, going shopping and getting all the handbags and having all the money. And then there are other times when it's the opposite.

Like... not going shopping and not getting all the handbags?

Park even goes as far to say that she wished she never won the lottery. Which is CRAZY TO SAY and YOU CAN GIVE ME THE MONEY.

One of the biggest problems she faces? She can't find a boyfriend, because she doesn't know if he would love her or her money.

She told BBC Scotland,

It does get lonely. There's times when you don't even have anyone to speak to you. There's no one there.

I can't get a boyfriend because I'm a terrible person, I thought money would make this easier...

She also says,

People look at me and think, "I wish I had her lifestyle, I wish I had her money." But they don't realize the extent of my stress. I have material things, but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life?

Chill, lady. You're only 21-years-old. I'm poor and 27 and still don't know the purpose of my life.

Park even considered suing Camelot, the company that owns EuroMillions who she one the million from, to change the raise the playing age.

This, however, would probably only lead to more money, and more unhappiness.

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