Woman Pleads Guilty To Stabbing Her Boyfriend After He Ate All The Salsa

There is a lot of sh*t that pisses me off, but one of my biggest pet peeves has got to be when people steal bites of food off my plate, or daringly finish off my entire snack.

So, I get what Phyllis Jefferson was going through when she stabbed her boyfriend after he ate all her salsa.

Jefferson, a 50-year-old woman from Ohio, plead guilty to reduced charges this week after her boyfriend, Ronnie Buckner, said she stabbed him twice while the pair was watching TV and having a snack in their apartment.

The New York Post reports, Jefferson picked up a pen and stabbed Buckner with it in the left side of his pelvis. She then allegedly picked up a small kitchen knife and stabbed him in the stomach.

While Jefferson pled guilty, her attorney says she stabbed her boyfriend because she found out he was a registered sex offender.

Violence is never the answer, but maybe think twice before trying to snatch up a lady's snacks.

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