Woman Stabbed In The Leg After Ignoring A Man Who 'Complimented' Her Legs


If, like the many men in my Twitter mentions who hate on me for bringing attention to a variety of important women's issues, you think catcalling is just part of some stupid, meaningless, feminist agenda, think again.

Catcalling is not "just a compliment." It's a way that men intimidate, control and threaten the safety of women. And this past Friday, a woman named Taylor McTague proved that point even more by taking to Facebook to share her horrifying catcalling experience.

McTague says she was taking a solo walk around midnight when she started getting catcalls from a stranger about her "nice legs." Like any woman would, she ignored the so-called "compliments"... until he finally caught up to her, stabbed her in the leg with a Swiss Army Knife and said, "I guess your legs aren't so great now." 

Read her entire post below.


Looks like now not only do women have to ignore a catcall, we may even have to fucking RUN from one.

In response to the now-viral post, men are Facebook Messaging her and "impersonating" her perpetrator in a particularly disgusting series of messages, according to her Twitter.

So far, it's unknown whether McTague pressed charges or filed a police report, but Elite Daily reached out to her for comment and will update if we hear back.