Woman's Scar Pics Show How Dangerous Fake Tanning For Just '10 Mins' Can Be

by Harley Tamplin

At first, Cloe Jordan was upset her bikini selfies were ruined by a large mole on her stomach.

The 21-year-old's frustration led her to investigate what it was — and doing so helped save her life.

When Jordan, from Wolverhampton, England, went to see a doctor to explore the options of having the mole removed, tests revealed she was suffering from a potentially deadly form of skin cancer.

Jordan's mole began changing in size and shape, but she didn't believe it was anything "alarming."

Now, she has opened up about her ordeal to help raise awareness of the dangers of the disease.


She posted a picture on Instagram of the scar left behind by surgery that might have saved her life and compared it to how her body looked before.

She wrote,

So distraught at what cancer has done to me. If I could turn back the clocks I would. This horrible disease has ruined my body and will be forever leaving a scar to remind me how important it is to look after yourself.

Jordan was born with the mole on her stomach, but noticed it had grown and become darker in the months before she had it checked out.

She was then diagnosed with melanoma, and doctors believe the deadly cancer had spread.

The disease can be caused by exposure to sunlight, but it is also believed there is a link between sunbed use and the cancer.

However, Jordan is not a regular sunbed user, and only does it "every now and again," warning people it only takes one session to put yourself at risk of serious harm.


In an Instagram post featuring the picture of her scar, she wrote,

I have never really been someone to frequently use sunbeds and expose myself to sun however I am guilty of doing it every now and again. Seriously guys jumping on the bed for that quick 10 minute holiday is really not worth it. Look after your skin!

She is now recovering from surgery, but is set for more tests and treatment once doctors discover whether the illness has spread to other parts of her body.

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