This Woman Rewrote The Letter From Brock Turner's Dad In The Most Genius Way


Brock Turner, a former Stanford University freshman, was recently convicted of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on January 17, 2015. He was set to get 14 years in prison. The judge gave him six months.

Brock's father, Dan Turner, spoke at the hearing on his son's behalf. He asked for the judge to only give his son probation because "20 minutes of action" (raping someone) should not have such a serious impact on a young man's life (which, of course, implies his rapist son's life is the only one that matters here).

I wrote about Dan Turner's original letter here.

One twitter user, Ali Ozeri, decided to make some edits to Dan Turner's letter, which was written as though Brock had done nothing more serious than get caught stealing DVDs from Blockbuster.

Ozeri's edits expose how language has been used to diminish and reshape the grotesque violence of rape culture. Simply by reminding the reader exactly what Dan Turner is talking about here, his statement becomes a terrifying, albeit sort of hilarious, indictment of his own son.

Now, because the size of the text on that tweet is tiny, I transcribed Ozeri's version of the letter below. The segments in parentheses are Ozeri's additions:

My favorite edits happen in this masterful sentence, which so clearly lays bare how ridiculous and delusional this man's language is:

The important thing to take away from this is rapists like Brock Turner don't just pop up, fully made, like grandiose TV serial killers.

No, they are all over this country, and they are encouraged by those around them to believe sex is something they deserve, that women are to be conquered and that the things and people of this world are there for them to take because even if they do, they'll only get six months.

In this case, the views Brock's father displays in his letter suggests to me Brock was raised by at least one person who encourages rape culture.

Brock's childhood friend Leslie Rasmussen also wrote a letter on Brock's behalf, blaming the rape charge on, because why the fuck not, political correctness.

In reading this woman's letter, you really get a sense of how prevalent this attitude of rape being something that just happens -- not something someone does -- is with the communities Brock is a part of.

As Rasmussen described things,

This is the most insane part of all of this. "Clouded judgement" is not what causes a person to drag someone behind a dumpster while that someone is losing consciousness, rape him or her and then run away. That's like saying getting too drunk will make me, for example, start drop-kicking toddlers. It's completely ludicrous. Rape is not an accident.

I mean, this friend of Brock's literally said she was totally shocked about the “horrible situation [Brock] was involved in,” but that she could “name off 5 [other people] that I wouldn't be surprised about.”

She said this in an attempt to show Brock was a good guy. But, all any reasonable person hears is this woman can name five other people in her high school she would expect to rape someone some day. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ.

I don't know what more to say. This is all just too horrible. But, I'll end with this: If, at this point, you don't believe rape culture is a thing, you're likely a part of it.

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