Viral Video Of Woman Getting Epic Revenge On Catcaller May Have Been Hoax

Jungle Creations/MailOnline

Update Wednesday, February 22, 1:35 pm EST:

The following video may have been staged by actors, according to Huffington Post.

An eyewitness told The Sun he saw the entire scene being rehearsed before the alleged actors filmed the final video.

The footage was posted to Facebook on Tuesday and was released by a Shoreditch-based, viral content firm called Jungle Creations, and it has officially been deleted.

Jamie Bolding, co-founder of Jungle Creations claimed the firm did not make this video.

However, another co-founder of the company named Paul Bieboer commented on the video, saying he "couldn't verify its authenticity, but [the company doesn't] think it's fake," and claiming they only received the content.

Girl power just took an entirely new form in an courageous bike rider in on the streets of London.

We don't know her name, we don't where she came from and we don't know where she's going — but this chick is a hero for anyone who has ever been wrongfully catcalled.

Jungle Creations/MailOnline

The superwoman was caught on camera being heckled at a stoplight by workmen in a van while she sat on her bicycle trying to ignore them.

Moments into the harassment, the men began making offensive remarks, yelling things like, "You on your period?" and "Give me your number."

She was NOT going to have it.

Moments later, the rude worker asks the woman if she's on her period and insists she give him her number so they can go out for a drink.

LOL, OK. Not happening, creep.

Jungle Creations/MailOnline

After making his final remarks, he drives away... but the infuriated woman isn't quite done with them yet.

Instead of giving up and biking back home, she peddled fast and followed the van throughout the winding roads — and the moped rider followed.

Jungle Creations/MailOnline

Soon enough, the van stopped and she pulled up right next to the passenger side. These guys obviously had no idea who they were messing with.

As revenge for catcalling her at the previous light, she ferociously ripped off the passenger side mirror, slammed it onto the ground and took off.


Jungle Creations/MailOnline

The man watching from the moped was obviously impressed and proud of the anonymous badass, and pulled up to the van for a final word with the passengers.

He said,

That's exactly what you deserve you scum!
Jungle Creations/MailOnline

It's true. That's exactly what they deserved.

Brava, you anonymous hero on wheels, you.

Hopefully, these guys will think again before they catcall another woman on the street again... that is, unless they want another mirror ripped off the side of their vehicle.

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