Woman Slammed For Saying A Heart Attack Victim Ruined Her New Year's


An Indiana woman attained mass condemnation after complaining about a restaurant staff's choice to take its attention off her table and on to a heart attack victim.

Holly Jones went to Kilroy's Bar N' Grill in Indianapolis, Indiana for a New Year's Eve celebration.

She wrote on Facebook her night was "ruined" because a "junkie" overdosed, preventing staff members from correcting her table's bill on time.

According to FOX 59, the "junkie" who Jones believed overdosed was actually a woman in her 70s who had a heart attack and nearly died before being revived at the hospital.

Chris Burton, a manager at Kilroy's, replied to Jones' post to tell her his employees were extremely emotional because they believed the woman died.

In a comment on Jones' post, he reportedly said,

Burton added he is glad Jones won't be returning to Kilroy's because he would never want "anyone as cold hearted and nasty" to return.

Jones took down her Facebook profile after being bombarded with hateful messages.

She claimed her account was hacked and said she did not write the post, according to Daily Mail.

Kilroy's, on the other hand, received compliments from around the world due to the restaurant's quick response to the medical emergency.

A male member of Jones' party even left a secret tip, Daily Mail reports.

Jones' employer, Serenity Salon, was also the target of hateful Facebook posts.

The salon issued this statement in response.

On January 3, the daughter of the heart attack victim created a GoFundMe page to help pay for her mother's medical bills, along with "any needed therapy" her mother might need.

Tohnna Wymer wrote on the page her mother is in critical care but will eventually regain consciousness and begin "a long road of recovery."

As of this afternoon, the campaign exceeded its goal of $5,000 by raising more than $8,000.

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