Prison Worker Hopes To Marry Murderer After Allegedly Sending Him Naked Pics

If there's one easy way to get yourself behind bars, it's dating a prisoner at the prison you work at.

And that's exactly what Sian Cooper, 52, did. She was in a hot and heavy relationship with a 35-year-old murderer named Alan Dalby while she worked at HMP Warren Hill in the UK. Their relationship lasted 11 months.

After admitting to misconduct in a public office, she was sentenced to a year in prison on Monday.

Dalby received a life sentence in 2002 for murdering his 18-year-old girlfriend. He strangled her with his belt after having sex with her in his van. He was 21. Yikes.

Cooper and the prisoner reportedly talked every day while she worked there as a sports therapist -- in secret, of course. He even bought her a heart-shaped necklace from Argos. It was serious. Apparently, they had plans to get married one day.


Cooper resigned from her post in July 2015, but the pair continued their relationship. Two months later, she was arrested when police traced a call made from Dalby's phone.

According to authorities, their phone calls were sexual in content. Cooper also allegedly wrote sexually explicit letters and was accused of snapping naked photos of herself for him, which she denied.

Dalby said the numbers he requested to be inputted in the prison contact database belonged to his sister, but authorities found they were linked to Cooper. He also said that necklace was a gift for his sister.

This is basically a storyline from "Orange Is the New Black."

I thought most of the stuff on that show was completely fake, but nope, apparently prison relationships can happen IRL too.

OK, I don't know the nature of their relationship, but personally I wouldn't date anyone who had a history of murdering girlfriends. Even if it was just that one time.

To each her own, I guess!

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