You'll Never Rage Harder Than Woman Who Hid In A Bar To Steal Beer And Food

by Harley Tamplin

A woman hid in a bar's bathroom before stealing beer and sandwiches when it closed and the staff left.

Jacqui Holdsworth locked herself in a cubicle in the Flora Sandes pub in Thornton Heath, South London, and waited for everybody to go home.

When she realized she was alone, the 33-year-old got to work on the pub's alcohol and apparently got the munchies.

Holdsworth, from Croydon, England, has been jailed for four months after she was found guilty of various offenses, Metro reported.

Surveillance cameras caught her inside the bar, run by the UK's biggest pub chain Wetherspoon, after closing time.

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She was seen trying different drinks and eating a sandwich, but then realized she couldn't get out.

Holdsworth then invited her boyfriend over to their private lock-in, and together, the couple loaded up a trash bag containing $400 worth of food and alcohol.

She was previously found guilty of burglary, assaulting a police officer, failing to surrender twice and breaching her community order.

In court for her sentencing, Holdsworth described the allegations as “all lies." She said,

I'm as good as gold. I was hungry so I made a sandwich.
Stocksy/Tari Gunstone

She said she had fallen asleep in a toilet cubicle in the women's bathroom, and woke up to an empty bar.

She also claimed to have been attacked by police as she was arrested and presented a letter detailing everything that had happened to her.

But Magistrate Louise Ballam said,

Over the last few months, you have committed or been found guilty of a number of offenses. It appears to me the only possible sentence in respect of all matters is one of imprisonment.

As she was taken away from the court, Holdsworth began shouting and threatened to take her case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

She also told the magistrate, “You do not know what you are talking about.”

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