Woman Orders Chicken Wings From Domino's And Gets $5,000 In Cash Instead


Takeout orders can go a little wrong sometimes.

Sometimes they leave something you desperately need out, sometimes they give you a wrong item you never wanted. Sometimes, they give you $5,000 instead of your meal.

A woman named Selena Avalos from San Jose, California, ordered Domino's chicken wings for lunch and was sent $5,000 instead, neatly packed away in a cardboard box and paper bag.

And when she called them to report they sent her the wrong order, they ignored it!


When she received her takeout order, Selena felt the unusually heavy box and initially thought they must have sent her breadsticks. She then opened the box to find wads of cash adding up to almost $5,000.

Naturally, Selena was in complete shock. Selena then immediately called the local Domino's to report the bizarre error and was told she would get a call right back. After three days passed, she still hadn't heard back from anyone at Domino's.

"It's crazy," she commented.

While most people would have been more than happy to keep the money once it hadn't been claimed, Selena was determined to send the cash back to where it belonged.


Selena said,

I can't keep it, it's a crazy amount of money, it's not like it's twenty dollars, you know? It's almost 5,000 dollars.

Selena continued her endless pursuit to return the thousands of dollars. After contacting ABC 7 News, she was finally put in touch with the manager and able to return all of the money.

Aside from endless good karma, Selena gets a paid week off work. More exciting than that, she also has one year of FREE PIZZA from Domino's, which is a pretty worthy reward for our heroine.

She definitely deserves it.

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