Classic Mixup: Woman Ends Up With Blind Girl On Cake Due To Text Error

You're going to feel oddly terrible after laughing at this lady who accidentally ordered a cake with a blind girl on top. Just know, it's nothing to be ashamed about.

It all started when Laura Seggie's mom asked a friend to make a cake for Laura's 21st birthday.

According to Mashable, Laura's mom sent the following text to her friend describing the cake she wanted.

Blind? Blonde? What's the difference really.

Not thinking twice about whether or not that is the actual cake the Seggie family wanted, the friend immediately got to work assembling this remarkably awkward edible component of Laura's birthday.

My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this — emily (@emilyseggie_) August 16, 2015

Laura's sister told Mashable the family contemplated taking the figure off the cake, but Laura decided to keep it on because the humor of the situation outweighed the offensive nature of it.

I guess we all learned a clear and simple lesson here today, and that lesson is British people think certain things are funnier than blindness is serious.

That was the lesson, right?

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