Woman Arrested For Hit-And-Run Hours After Bragging About New Car On Instagram

Drinking and driving is very much frowned upon, even if you're the owner of a brand spankin' new Mercedes-Benz.

Aya Ibish, a 22-year-old woman from Laguna Beach, California, was blinded by the shine of her new set of wheels.

She decided to hit the road under the influence after being gifted the car last week, according to

Hours later, she was arrested for hitting a bicyclist, who is reportedly injured from the accident.

Earlier in the night, Ibish posted a photo on Instagram of her new Benz before taking the wheel. The photo showed herself open-armed, standing next to the gray beauty decked out with a red bow.

Lucky her, right?


Eh, not so much.

Ibish was a little too happy, or should I say "buzzed," when she took the car for a drive because police said she hit the bicyclist around 10:40 pm and then fled the scene completely.

The bicyclist, who is allegedly suffering from leg lacerations, was able to describe the Mercedes to the officers, said the Orange County Register.

With the leads they had, police soon tracked down Aya Ibish's car and found her a few blocks away, according to ABC 7 Eyewitness News.


After conducting a DUI test on Ibish, police concluded she was the driver who hit the bicyclist.

They arrested her on the spot for driving an injury-causing hit-and-run, and of course, driving under the influence.

OOF. Talk about a present gone terribly wrong.

Thank God the bike rider is OK because if he wasn't, Aya Ibish would have an entirely different situation at hand.


Either way, after the incident, Ibish deleted the Instagram photo of her car and made her account private.

Honestly, both Ibish and the bicyclist were extremely lucky in this situation, but no Mercedes-Benz -- or any new car, for that matter -- should be an excuse to drive drunk.