Grimsby Crown Court

Ian McNicholl Domestically Abused By Girlfriend For Refusing Sex

A man has spoken out about how his ex-girlfriend shoved burning cigarettes up his nose and branded him with a red-hot iron for refusing to have sex with her.

Ian McNicholl, 54, was repeatedly battered by Michelle Williamson, 45, while they lived together in Grimsby, England.

The campaign of abuse included a hammer attack and having boiling water poured over his groin. McNicholl said,

There was never any remorse. She'd do it, then send me out for cigarettes. She definitely got off on it. She'd rant, 'You don't love me enough, you have five minutes to be ready for sex.' That, of course, is the last thing on your mind. Then she'd say, 'You now have four minutes, three minutes ...' At the end of five minutes, she'd blocked out what she had done.
Grimsby Crown Court

Throughout his time with Williamson, he suffered cracked ribs, a fractured skull and broken cheekbones.

He underwent numerous surgeries to right the damage done.

Williamson was jailed in 2009 for seven years for this bodily harm, but she is now free.

The abuse started just months after the couple met.

McNicholl said he was whipped across the face with a vacuum cleaner lead for not talking about his sexual history.

Grimsby Crown Court

The violence only escalated from there, until one day Williamson branded him with an iron between the shoulder blades. On one occasion, she smashed a magnum of champagne over his knee.

McNicholl, who is preparing to speak at an event for domestic abuse survivors, said,

She was friendly, she had a good sense of humor. Perpetrators will strike when they know they have control. There is a grooming process. Manipulation leads to isolation, isolation gives the perpetrators control. My tactic was to not do anything that would make her angry.

The alarm was finally raised by a neighbor who became aware of the abuse.

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