Will McDonald's McRib Merch Be Restocked? Get It Now

Will McDonald's McRib Merch Be Restocked? Get It Soon

You gotta be fast.

Courtesy of McDonald's
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The McRib has finally made its triumphant return to the McDonald’s menu, but not for long — the Oct. 31 comeback also marked the start of the McRib’s farewell tour, which means this could be the last time you ever get your hands on the bite. No tour is complete without some memorabilia, though, and the merch for the McRib’s final act is as spicy as the barbecue bite. But will McDonald’s be restocking the McRib merch after it sells out? Just like the sandwich that inspired the saucy tees, sweatshirts, and accessories — once it’s gone, it could be gone for good.

The McRib’s last hurrah may have left a bittersweet (and barbecue-y) taste in fans mouths, but like all good farewell tours, the sandwich isn’t going out without a bang. The vintage-inspired merch, which launched on McDonald’s Golden Arches Unlimited website on Nov. 4, is throwing it back with classic McRib designs from throughout the years that look like they’ve come straight from 1980, aka the year of the sandwich’s debut, via a time machine. Mickey D’s stans clearly don’t play around when it comes to the McRib, though, because it only took a few hours before the goodies started selling out. Turns out the only thing better than a McRib is McRib merch.

If you were hoping to snag all the pieces of the collection, you might be out of luck. When it comes to a restock, it’s gonna be “no” from McDonald’s. “At this time, we do not have any plans to restock the site when the merch sells out — so get your merch before it’s gone!” a McDonald’s spokesperson shared with Elite Daily in an email.

Courtesy of McDonald's

That means you won’t have a second chance to score sold out items like the McRib At Home sweatshirt, Taste McRib...Today! T-shirt, McRib BBQ T-shirt, McRib Zing! T-shirt, and more, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the memorable merch completely. There are still some goodies up for grabs on the website, and the best part is, they’re both under $20 each. Here’s a rundown of what’s left of the collection as of Nov. 4.

The McRib might be available in Germany year-round, but the German McRib Text Bubble T-Shirt, which features a vintage McRib design written in German, probably won’t be sticking around much longer.

It may not have the same vintage ~aesthetic~ as some of the other merch options, but hey — you can’t beat a hoodie that’s less than $20.

Though the collection is sure to remind you of the good ol’ days — ya know, the days when the McRib’s fate wasn’t up in the air. Thankfully, the McRib is still available in-stores as well as delivery via the McDonald’s app for a limited time, so even if you weren’t able to score the merch you wanted, don’t forget to grab the classic sandwich one last time before it’s too late. If you’ve never tried the buzzworthy bite before, now’s your chance to find out what the McRib Pork Patty and tangy McRib Sauce combo is all about.

Goodbyes can be tough, but don’t this isn’t actually the first McRib farewell tour. The restaurant said goodbye to the sandwich in 2005 before bringing it back in 2006 — and 2007. There’s no guarantee the bite will make a comeback in the future, so, like the McRib merch, get it while you can.