Five Coppertone spray sunscreens were recalled on Sept. 30, 2021.

These 5 Coppertone Sunscreens Were Recalled, And Here’s How To Get A Refund

You'll want to check your cans ASAP.

by Daffany Chan

Coppertone issued a voluntary recall of five of its aerosol sunscreen spray products on Sept. 30 after internal testing revealed the products contained small amounts of a carcinogen called benzene. As a result, the brand is urging anyone who owns the products to stop using and immediately dispose of them. If you have some sprays laying around the house, you may be wondering which Coppertone sunscreens were recalled. There are five popular sunscreen products named in the recall, and here’s how you can get refunds on them.

The recall may seem like déjà vu since it follows Johnson & Johnson’s July 2021 sunscreen recall that cited the exact same reason. Similar to J&J, the five Coppertone products recalled due to the “presence of benzene,” per a Sept. 30 announcement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Elite Daily reached out to Coppertone for further comment on the recall, and according to Coppertone, benzene is not an ingredient to any of the company’s products. The recall was issued after the company was alerted that some “propellant deliveries may have contained benzene.” Coppertone added that the company is “committed to consumer safety,” and it has initiated a review of supply chain partner processes.

The sunscreens named in the recall were produced in 2021 between Jan. 10 and June 15, and they were distributed nationally through different retailers. If you purchased some Coppertone sunscreen earlier this year, it’s a good idea to check on your products. The five recalled aerosol sunscreens are:

  • Coppertone Pure & Simple SPF 50 Spray
  • Coppertone Pure & Simple Baby SPF 50 Spray
  • Coppertone Pure & Simple Kids SPF 50 Spray
  • Coppertone Sport Mineral SPF 50 Spray
  • Coppertone Sport Spray SPF 50, travel-size Spray

However, only 12 specific lots of the five named sunscreens are impacted by the recall. You can find all the specific lot numbers and images of the recalled Coppertone sunscreens here. If your product doesn’t feature a recalled lot number, it isn’t part of the recall, and you can safely continue to use the spray (provided that it’s not expired).


According to the FDA statement, you can be exposed to benzene through “inhalation, oral, and skin,” and depending on the level of exposure, it could lead to an “increased risk of cancers including leukemia, and blood cancer of the bone marrow,” as well as other life-threatening “blood disorders.”

However, the statement explained that daily exposure to benzene at the trace levels found in the five sprays “would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences.” Additionally, Coppertone has not gotten any reports of incidents related to the recall and noted the recall is “out of an abundance of caution.”

If you find that you’ve got one of the five affected products laying around your house, you can head over to Coppertone’s recall website to request a refund. The online claim form will be available after Oct. 6, or you can mail in your claim form.

You can also call the hotline 1-888-921-1537 during weekday business hours with any questions or concerns you may have. If you’re experiencing any issues that could be related to the recalled sunscreen sprays, the brand suggests you contact your physician or healthcare provider.