Where to buy "Wordle: The Party Game" for a board game experience.

Wordle Is Now Officially A Board Game, And Here's Where You Can Get It

You don't have to play alone anymore.

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You can soon play Wordle like you’ve never played it before: as a board game. The online word guessing game is becoming an IRL game in a partnership between The New York Times and Hasbro. When the game, invented by Josh Wardle in October 2021, blew up on social media, the Times purchased it for “low seven figures” in January 2022. The game has since remained free to play online, but the newspaper publisher is taking it to the next level by making a physical version. Here is where to buy "Wordle: The Party Game" for a totally new way to play your favorite word game.

The Times announced its partnership with Hasbro on July 14 to “bring Wordle to life in a new board game,” launching pre-orders ahead of the game’s October 1 release. “Wordle: The Party Game” is currently only available in the North America market and pre-orders can be placed on Hasbro, Amazon, and Target, for $19.99.

The board game was Hasbro’s idea — the gaming company behind game night favorites like Monopoly, Jenga, and Connect 4 approached the Times to make the game after noticing Wordle’s popularity, Hasbro Gaming's Senior Vice President and General Manager Adam Biehl told CNN.

The OG Wordle rule of guessing the five-letter word in six tries stays the same in the board game, but the physical version introduces four versions you can play: fast, timed, teams, and classic. The game is designed to be played with between two to four players and will include three Wordle boards, three shields (to prevent players from snooping), one Secret Word board, three dry-erase markers, 45 green tiles, 45 yellow tiles, and game guide.

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In each round, players can take turns to be the “Wordle Host” to pick a “Secret Word” which the other players will try to guess in as few tries as possible. The person with the fewest guesses at the end of the game wins. You could even play in teams of two by pairing up to guess the other team’s word. Similar to the online Wordle, the green and yellow tiles can help you to track which letters you are getting right.

I know what I’ll be bringing to the next game night. "We know people love to have game night and have their friends over to play games. They're social experiences, so it's a way to share, connect and create memories," Biehl told CNN. Get your “Wordle: The Party Game” here.

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