#WhenIDrinkWine Is A Hilarious Reminder Of Why We Need National Drink Wine Day

Jayme Burrows

There isn't much a glass of wine (or two) can't fix, and based on the anxiety-ridden world of uncertainty we're living in today, we need a whole lot of fixing.

If you're a wine lover in constant search of an excuse to better your mood with a bottle of your choice, have no fear -- because today might as well be a national holiday for you.

It's National Wine Day, so go pour yourself a big ol' glass of vino.

... or, just skip the glass completely and chug it from the bottle (I don't judge).

Apparently, Twitter is celebrating the holiday with the hashtag #WhenIDrinkWine, and it's a glorious reminder of why drinking wine is necessary for our wellbeing.

According to wine-lovers online, gulping down a glass gives us the freedom to be the joyous, carefree, honest and horny humans we're meant to be.

When we're feeling bubbly and buzzed off a wine drunk, our worries seem to wither away.

To be completely honest, there should probably be a day dedicated to wine every month. Maybe then, our world would be a giddier place.

There's no denying (so please don't try) the fact wine brings out the best in us, and Twitter helped prove the fact National Drink Wine Day is a necessity.

Wine diminishes the amount of hate in the world.


Wine makes you feel classier than you actually are.


Seriously... it makes you feel fancy AF (everyone likes to feel fancy).


Wine makes you bold!

Heck, it'll even make you bold enough to cut your own bangs.

Wine makes you hornier.

Being horny leads to sex, and sex leads to happiness. You're welcome.


Wine boosts your confidence.

Keep the jokes coming!


Drinking wine makes you painfully honest.

Telling the truth is a good thing.

Maybe we should send a bottle or two to the White House!

Speaking of the White House, wine will make you forget Donald Trump is the president.


Wine will make you feel like the world is a better place than it actually is.

Cheers to optimism!


It'll temporarily solve all of your problems.

Until you're sober again, of course.


Drinking a glass of wine will help you save money.

Being buzzed off one glass means you don't have to buy another.



Drinking wine means doing dishes less often.

Go ahead, drink it out of the bottle.

Wine will bring out all the feelings you've been bottling up.

Sometimes all we need is a good ol' cry.

Drinking wine will help you stand your ground.

Try not to argue too much, though.


Wine will make you sing, and music makes the world go 'round.

As you can see, wine makes us better versions of ourselves and Twitter just helped remind everyone why National Drink Wine Day is a must.

Go pick up a bottle and celebrate the holiday -- you deserve it.