Here's what's in McDonald's Saweetie Meal, which hits the menu on Aug. 9.

McDonald’s Saweetie Meal Features 2 Dipping Sauces And Creative Combos

The “Tap In” singer puts fries inside her Big Mac.

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Courtesy of McDonald's

Soon you’ll be eating just like the “Icy Grl” herself, thanks to an upcoming McDonald’s collaboration with rapper Saweetie. The fast food chain will drop the star’s go-to meal in August, and it features some of McDonald’s fan-favorite menu items (and plenty of sauces). Here’s everything you need to know about what’s in McDonald’s Saweetie Meal before it hits the menu.

McDonald’s announced the official Saweetie Meal on July 29, and it’s an order full of custom suggestions courtesy of the “Best Friend” singer herself. To start, the Saweetie Meal features a Big Mac, a 4-piece order of Chicken McNuggets, a medium order of French fries, a medium Sprite, and two sauces: Tangy BBQ Sauce and McDonald’s Sweet ‘N Sour sauce, which was renamed "Saweetie 'N Sour" for the occasion. The meal doesn’t stop there, though, because Saweetie shared her go-to hacks to customize her favorite bites.

The “Tap In” rapper switches up her go-to meal in four different ways, and one of the hacks might even become your new favorite. Getting creative, Saweetie puts fries inside her Big Mac, McNuggets on top of her fries, adds nuggets to her Big Mac to make a Chicken McNugget Sandwich, and sandwiches her fries between the Big Mac patties, sans bun and other toppings. To finish, of course, she adds sauce to each of the configurations and rearranges the items herself.

Courtesy of McDonald's

The Saweetie Meal launches on Monday, Aug. 9 at McDonald’s locations nationwide, and McDonald’s confirmed the meal will be available until Sept. 5. When you’re ready to order the meal made to be customized, you can get it in-store, at the drive-thru, with McDelivery, or by ordering on the McDonald’s app. If you’re a member of MyMcDonald's Rewards, you’ll also earn points on every dollar spent. Oh, and when you order the limited-time meal, you’ll also notice icy-themed packaging, because this isn’t a regular meal, it’s a Saweetie McDonald’s Meal.

Courtesy of McDonald's

The Saweetie Meal and all its customization possibilities will be the latest release in the lineup of the chain’s celebrity orders — which have previously featured BTS’ and Travis Scott.

In addition to the new meal itself, Mickey D’s and Saweetie have more surprises in store for customers in the coming weeks. In the meantime, keep an eye out and mark your calendar for Aug. 9. When you head to McDonald’s to get creative with fries, nuggets, and sauces, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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