Couple's Genius Hack For 'What Should We Eat?' Dilemma Deserves A Nobel Prize


Take this in — in all of its glory.

Never again will you and bae argue about where you are going out to eat. Say goodbye to hours of pointless scrolling through TripAdvisor.

All those times when she/he smiles at you sweetly and says, “I don't mind" — the ONE THING you don't want to hear? Done.

And, bizarrely, we have a (slightly modified) kids' toy to thank for solving the problem that has blighted relationships since time began.


I know what you're thinking.

“Why didn't I think of this before?”

Well, my hungry and frustrated friend, the beauty is in the simplicity.

Twenty-two options in Augusta, Georgia, in case you were wondering. One spinning wheel. One argument solved.

(Until the GF pipes up with “No, I don't want to go there,” but I digress.)

The history-changing invention was posted on Reddit with the super appropriate caption, “Because I'm tired of the 'It doesn't matter.'”

Don't have kids? Don't know any kids you can pretend to buy this as a present for? You're still in luck.

There are some similar, relationship-salvaging solutions on the internet. AND some even cater (pun intended) to your exact location.

Wheel Decide

I'm quite fond of Wheel Decide, which puts ideas in your head rather than forcing you into going to an exact place.

Wheel Decide

Now I can't stop thinking about curry. This is the downside of playing food roulette when you're hungry.

Or you can head over to Wheel of Lunch, slap in your zip code and be amazed as, slightly intimidatingly, it generates loads of nearby eateries, ready for you to spin the wheel of destiny.

Wheel of Lunch

“I don't mind,” “You decide,” and “I don't care” are all in the past.

Now you're just going to have to find something else to argue about.

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