Groom Totally Slays His Wedding Vows With An Epic Love Song Mashup (Video)

Jared is not a poet.

He can’t always express how he feels in his own words, even when it comes time to write wedding vows for his beautiful wife.

Jared IS a creative man.

If he can’t speak for himself, the hits of the 80s, 90s and today will speak for him.

Jared’s approach to romance will make viewers question the way they’ve been sharing their feelings with loved ones since the inception of verbal communication.

In a video from his wedding, this groom proves there is nothing a man can say that Whitney Houston hasn’t already said better and more tenderly.

The real highlight of the video is Jared’s stoic groomsman in the right corner of the video who fights cracking a smile throughout the vows but has no issue gently lip syncing to every song.

My only complaint (If I’m allowed one, because tbh it’s not my special day) is the choreography. I wish the groom had about 82 percent more intricately planned and flawlessly executed moves.

Maybe at your next wedding, Jared.