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These 14 best viral hidden gem TikTok videos include so many great recs.

These Viral "Hidden Gems" On TikTok Include Food Recs And Travel Tips

Get ready to go off the beaten path.

by Daffany Chan
Nicholas Lee / 500px/500Px Plus/Getty Images

TikTokers are sharing videos with their favorite hidden gems that include places to eat, hike, and so much more — and there are so many great recommendations. The viral videos feature everything from restaurants to natural wonders across the country. If you’d like some major inspo for your next outing, here are the 14 best viral hidden gem TikTok videos.

TikTok is certainly the go-to place for dances and recipes, but it also has plenty of travel and restaurant tips when you’re looking to switch things up from your usual routine. TikTokers have been sharing “hidden gems” from across the United States and the world that you likely haven’t heard of before — and are just too good to keep hidden. If you’re looking for a place for your next night out or vacay with your BFFs, you’ll certainly want to check out this list of top restaurants and sightseeing spots that are off the beaten path.

TikTokers have been posting hidden gem videos since the fall, but new videos are added all the time, and the #hiddengem was a trending on June 21, 2021. As of June 22, the tag has 517.4 million views, so there are plenty of gems to be discovered. To get started check out a few of the most exciting spots shared so far.


1. Washington, D.C

TikToker @pao_dc shared a video of a unique restaurant, Nara-Ya, with water views. Half of the menu features vegan eats, and there are plenty of tasty cocktails.

TikTok / @pao_dc

2. Houston, Texas

The Mijo Mezcal Bar, shared by TikToker @houstonfoodiess, is hidden inside a shipping container at the back of Cantina Barba. You can get Mescal flights as well as hand-crafted cocktails.

TikTok / @houstonfoodiess

3. Los Angeles, California

Tacos a Cabron, shared by TikToker @firstdateguide, is a Mexican gem in East Los Angeles. Tacos a Cabron serves juicy ribs, which you can even see them make if you get there early enough (around 5 p.m.).

TikTok / @firstdateguide

4. Ridgewood, New Jersey

There’s a hidden coffee spot in Ridgewood, New Jersey, as shared by TikToker @throughmycameralens, called Rey Sol. You can get a smoked seasonal latte and a slew of desserts.

TikTok / @throughmycameralens

5. New York City, New York

TikToker @phoeberreynolds shared a video of Electric Lemon in New York City. The restaurant and bar offers plenty of views on its rooftop.

TikTok / @phoeberreynolds

6. Phoenix, Arizona

Order Chinese food through a window at Liyuen Chinese Food, as shared by TikToker @letthemeatthis. Liyuen Chinese Food is cash only, so remember to bring some change when you visit.

TikTok / @letthemeatthis


7. Montclair, New Jersey

The Van Vleck House and Gardens in Montclair, New Jersey is only about an hour drive from New York City, according to this video from TikToker @herstoryawaits. You can enjoy plenty of lush greenery at the Van Vleck House and Gardens.

TikTok / @herstoryawaits

8. Pine, Arizona

Fossil Springs in Pine, Arizona, as seen in this video shared by TikToker @wildjoyexperiences, is the perfect place to cool off. There’s even an underwater cave that you can find if you swim down Fossil Creek, but just make sure to get a permit.

TikTok / @wildjoyexperiences

9. Delray Beach, Florida

You can find a secret petting zoo in Delray Beach, Florida, at the back of The Girls ice cream shop and strawberry picking spot, as shared by TikToker @sophiethevagabond. It only costs $5, and it looks totally ‘Gram-worthy.

TikTok / @sophiethevagabond

10. Long Island, New York

There’s a perfect beach spot to watch the sunset in Long Island, as shared by TikToker @urkadurkairka. Sea Cliff Beach also has plenty of parking.

TikTok / @urkadurkairka

11. Chicago, Illinois

TikToker @bored_in_chicago found a free winter garden you can visit at the top floor of the Harold Washington Library.

TikTok / @bored_in_chicago

12. Holbox Island, Mexico

Holbox Island is a hidden paradise two hours from Cancun, as shared by TikToker @thenonstopdreamer. There are white sand beaches and turquoise water.

TikTok / @thenonstopdreamer

13. Bay Area, California

There’s a hiking trail near San Francisco where you can catch grazing cows and plenty of views, as shared by TikToker @aminna200.

TikTok / @aminna200

14. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

TikTok user @emily.fazzini shared a video of the White Cliffs, which has a gorgeous view.

TikTok / @Emily.fazzini

Of course, this is just a preview of the viral videos TikTokers have been sharing. If you can’t get enough of the under-discussed secret hot spots across the country, you can check out the #hiddengem tag on TikTok.

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