Video Shows Drunk Pilot Stumbling Into Airport Before Attempting To Fly Plane


You know what doesn't go well together? Mayo and ice cream. You know what also doesn't go well together? Being drunk and flying planes.

Pilot Tekad Purna was arrested after being caught attempting to fly a commercial plane while, apparently, incredibly drunk.


He was preparing for take off from Surabaya to Jakarta on an Airbus A320 when passengers allegedly requested a different pilot, suspecting that Purna was either drunk or on drugs. They became suspicious after he started slurring his announcements from the cockpit.

Please imagine, for a moment, what that must have been like for them. Utterly terrifying.

Footage from him trying to make it through security before the flight show exactly how messed up he was.

It's so absurdly terrifying that it's hard not to laugh at this. He literally CANNOT stop dropping things.


He's like a cartoon character of a drunk person. And he's a pilot, wearing a captain's uniform. I don't even know what to say.

One of the best (scariest) parts of all of this is that the two TSA agents (or whatever you call them in Indonesia) completely ignore how obviously messed up this pilot seems.


They're just super helpful as he drops all of his possessions.

Both of them are just like:

Oh, here you go, drunk man who will soon be in control of hundreds of people's lives while flying through the sky, you dropped your notebook — because you are too drunk to operate a messenger bag — let me get that for you so you can be on your way. You have a job to do, after all.

Thankfully, Purna was stopped before taking off. There is no telling what may have happened. Purna has been fired from Citilink, the Indonesia budget airline he flew for.

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