Tragic Video Shows Couple Overdosed In Car With Babies Left 'Shaken Up' In Back

by Harley Tamplin
FOX 13 News

The latest video in a disturbing trend -- parents overdosing in a car with their children in the back --- has emerged.

Footage taken in Sarasota, Florida, shows a man and woman apparently so high they passed out in the driver and passenger seat of their SUV.

Two babies, a 1-year-old and a 5-month-old, were in the back of the car.

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

Deputies said William Ballard, 36, and Delaney Crissinger, 32, drove into a Texaco gas station before dawn Thursday morning, FOX 13 reported.

When other drivers pulled into the gas station and found them at about 8 am, they were forced to block the SUV in, as they were worried the couple would wake up and try to drive away.

Witnesses also saw drugs in the vehicle and called 911.

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

Ballard and Crissinger were reportedly still asleep when officers arrived at the scene.

A search of the car uncovered methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, drug paraphernalia and a loaded syringe on the floor next to a container of baby formula.

Eric Roundtree, who works at a restaurant nearby, told FOX 13,

We don't really see what addiction is about until we see something like that and that what saddens me most about it. You're an adult, you can do what you want to do but don't bring your kids involved. And those two little innocent kids didn't have nothing to do with this but now they're shaken up.
FOX 13 News

Lt. Joe Giasone added,

Anyone that would leave that would leave kids in the back of the car when they have the amount of drugs that were in this car, it's sad for the kids.

The children are now in the care of other family members.

Sadly, this is the continuation of a disturbing trend that emerged in the US last year.

Who can forget the harrowing image of parents passed out in the front of the car while a kid sits in the back?

City of East Liverpool

And then there was the disturbing live-stream of two people overdosing on a sidewalk.

Facebook/Courtland Garner

One woman was allegedly found in a car with a syringe in her left hand and a crying baby in the back seat.

Indianapolis Police Department

These pictures and videos continue to circulate, but they are no less scary and shocking.

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