These Graphic Vagina Necklaces Are So Popular, There's A Waitlist To Get One


This story is all about art and awkwardness.

But first, let's focus on the former. It comes from an artist named Emily.

Emily sells crystals and pendants. She advertises her work – like many artists do – on Instagram. She has over 80,000 followers.

Her most popular creation? She calls them yonis, and they're apparently a top seller for her.

They're colorful, they're seashell-shaped and they're, uh, something else... which brings us to the awkward part.

You know what the awkward part is, right? I mean, they obviously look like vaginas.

I'm not really saying they should be awkward, but Emily herself definitely discussed the yonis in an awkward way. In one Instagram post, she wrote,

The all seeing eye vageyena So my daughter was a bit down on me for making this (you're a freak mum) I felt like maybe I shouldn't post it buuuut for one ART and for another yonis are great also for all girls including my daughter this is not weird.

See what I mean?


Here she is in another post, talking about her love for her creations.

My attempt at a galaxy puss? I promise I'll sculpt other things other than vaginas but the inspiration is flowing with these girls at the moment.

Right. Anyway, it appears others love the yonis just as much as she does: She says she's gotten more requests than she can handle.

In a message apologizing for her apparent inability to get to all the demands, Emily wrote,

Hello all! I have received a huge amount of dms and etsy messages regarding yoni pendants so many so that I can not possibly reply to every body! For this I apologize but I thank you all for your interest and beautiful encouragement! I am working on a shop update where I will have several styles available, it looks as though it will be in a week or so. I will announce here and share some pictures.

Welp. Good luck getting your hands on them.

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