There May Be Some Angry Drug Lords After Usain Bolt Over His Cheating Drama


Usain Bolt may need to put his Flash-like running skills to use in a flight-or-fight situation.

By now, you've already heard about how the gold medallist cheated on his long-term girlfriend with 20-year-old Jady Duarte, whom he met at the Boate All In nightclub.


What you may not know is Usain's side bae is a widow to a "violent and bloodthirsty" drug lord who was shot dead by Rio's elite police troops earlier this year, according to Daily Mail.

This went from Jady to shady real fucking quick if you ask me.

In fact, Daily Mail reports Jady had two children with Douglas Donato Pereira, the man who ran a drug ring in the Faz Quem Quer part of Rio de Janeiro.

Usain, if you're reading this and you hear a door creak, just book it, man!

Hey, "Narcos," I know your second season is on its way, but if you're looking for a plot piece for the third one, you should be taking copious notes.

Jady posted a photo to Facebook of her and her deceased husband saying,

God will take you in, it's my hope that in eternity I will see you

I think it's safe to say it's Usain's hope a bunch of Douglas' crime lord buddies don't show up with more than just a starter's pistol.

In case Usain wasn't shitting himself, Pereira apparently tortured and murdered a girl in 2014, so I don't think his associates are the most stable people.

I think it's safe to say Usain's reaction to the news that his lady of the night is connected to a drug lord is definitely this:

Yeah, I'd maybe rethink your next trip to Rio, Usain. Heck, I'd even avoid Brazil.

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