Video Shows UFOs Stealing Water From Our Oceans

When are the aliens going to invade Earth and laugh hysterically at our "futuristic" iPhones already?!

I've been alive for two whole decades and some change, yet I haven't seen one of those mythical creatures or their supposed UFOs ONCE -- something's up.

I truly believe they may already be living among us. And no, I'm not hinting at your dog being an alien.

They're likely roaming the Earth in silence, being super stealthy as they dodge our smartphone cameras like ashamed Hollywood celebrities after a sex tape leak.

Fortunately for us alien believers (kinda), we humans may finally have proof to support these bizarre theories we come up with almost every single day.

In a new viral video recently uploaded to YouTube, user SecureTeam10 shares shocking footage of what is said to be "UFOs sucking up water from oceans around the globe."


The 14-minute clip recorded by a witness on vacation focuses on an alleged "water spout-like formation" being sucked out of the ocean and into the clouds over Algeria.

Those who have seen the clip admit they have never seen anything like this before, leading them to believe we could be dealing with another form of life mischievously siphoning our planet's water supply.

At one point during the eerie clip, a "UFO" is seen hovering above the clouds -- or at least that's what everyone thinks it is...


It baffles me we're able to take the clearest photos and video recordings of everything except UFOs.

The footage is always so blurry, coincidentally.

YouTubers couldn't help but crack jokes at the claims, commenting with remarks like,

Lol. Why worry about rising sea level? They aliens have our backs!

Another user commented,

Well, how else are they gonna fill up their swimming pool?

Other commenters hinted at the sighting of a possible UFO being false since they "see the UFO's wings flapping?" In other words, they think everyone's overreacting, and it's just a bird. A few people think we're the real aliens.

Who knows? The real problem here is that "water spout" is not normal.

Check out the clip above!