Two Canadian Guys Just Took The Selfie Of The Year With A Bald Eagle

Michael Fletcher and his brother Neil were minding their own business hunting grouse in the Canadian wilderness when all of a sudden, Michael spotted what appeared to be a majestic bald eagle sitting in the woods.

Being the manly men these brothers surely are, they approached the bird to find out what was going on. To their dismay, the bird had one talon caught in a trap. Michael told Buzzfeed,

The bird was pretty calm. It was probably tired from trying to fight the trap.

The Fletcher boys quickly sprang to action, covering the bird in one of their coats to help set it free, but, before the boys allowed the bird to fly off into the sunset they had to take one quick, ridiculously epic, selfie.

Bald eagle we set free from a trap. Quick selfie before it flew away Posted by Michael Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fletcher noted in his interview, "Everybody thinks it's like the selfie of the year," and he is correct.

The boys even recorded their eagle rescue and posted the video to Facebook.

Me and Neil found this eagle in a trap Posted by Michael Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Not ones to disappoint, they also shot a quick video of the bird's release so we could all watch this beautiful animal fly away.

Posted by Michael Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We get it, Canada is awesome and everything, but these two deserve some type of honorary US citizenship because this has got to be the most America, f*ck yeah, thing we've ever seen.

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