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Nicole Brown Comparison From OJ Simpson Parole Hearing Has Twitter Furious

Following a hearing on Thursday, July 20, OJ Simpson was granted parole following a 2008 robbery conviction, but it's a set of very different criminal charges that has Twitter talking about the former football star.

Simpson was charged and ultimately acquitted of the 1994 death of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman. Despite the acquittal and Simpson consistently maintaining his innocence, there are still many people who are convinced of his guilt. The memory of the sensational 1995 trial has hung over Simpson's current legal proceedings.

On Twitter, many were trying to make sure that the memories of Brown and Goldman were not overlooked during the parole hearing on July 20.

At his hearing, Simpson talked about missing out on time with his family, particularly his kids. His adult daughter, Arnelle Simpson, gave emotional testimony in which she said that the family "just want him to come home."

She said that "no one really knows how much we have been through" with her father's incarceration.

Some disputed that.

Some were upset at the lighthearted tone that sometimes came into the proceedings.

And some just wanted to express their sympathies to the families who lost their loved ones more than 20 years ago.

Some spoke up in defense of Simpson, who was, after all, found innocent of the murders of his ex-wife and Goldman.

They pointed out that Simpson's 2008 conviction — on charges which included armed robbery — had nothing to do with the murders of Brown and Goldman.

Even though he was found innocent of murder, Simpson has had legal troubles stemming from the charges.

Despite his acquittal on criminal charges in the 1994 murders, Simpson was found liable in Brown and Goldman's deaths in a 1997 ruling in a civil court, which has a lower standard of proof.

The families of Brown and Goldman were awarded a total of $33.5 million in punitive damages in the lawsuits they brought against Simpson, but have seen little of the money. Goldman's family was awarded the rights to Simpson's ghostwritten bookIf I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, in 2007.

After being granted parole from his 2008 robbery conviction, Simpson is expected to be released as early as October.