These tweets and memes about iPhone 14 are all so confused.

This iPhone 14 Leak Right Before A Likely iPhone 13 Reveal Has Twitter In A Tizzy

Um, what’s going on here???

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Apple fans have been waiting for the official unveiling of the iPhone 13 — which the tech giant has yet to confirm — and now, days before the upcoming fall streaming event, a tech analyst has fans confused. One day after Apple confirmed the rumors of a Sept. 14 Apple event, tech analyst and Jon Prosser threw fans for a loop by leaking reported details about the iPhone 14. Yep, 14, as in a phone that likely wouldn’t be released until the fall of 2022. With the very early leak ahead of the expected iPhone 13 reveal, people on Twitter coped by sharing tweets and memes about iPhone 14 that are a total trip. Elite Daily reached out to Apple for comment on the reported iPhone 14 and the leak, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

To be super clear here, as of Sept. 8, Apple has not confirmed the existence or forthcoming announcement of the iPhone 13 or the even more rumor-steeped reports of an iPhone 14. Even so, a fall event is on the horizon — and this mention of a reported iPhone 14 has Twitter in a tizzy. Apple announced the “California Streaming” event for Tuesday, Sept. 14, but any confirmed details of what will be revealed are still scarce. Most people assume Apple will unveil the iPhone 13, a natural successor to 2020’s iPhone 12 line.

Just as Apple fans were getting ready to trade in their devices for the latest and greatest, Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech threw a wrench in their plans. On Wednesday, Sept. 8, Prosser leaked reported details about the iPhone 14 and shared what he claims are mock-ups of the reported iPhone 14. Prosser says his information comes from having seen actual photos of the reported iPhone 14, and the reported details of the iPhone 14 include a thicker design, no camera bumps, a return to round volume buttons, a redesigned speaker, titanium chassis, and a punch-hole design on the front to remove the notch.

Apple has yet to confirm anything in relation to a reported iPhone 14, but the reported details (should they come to fruition) point to quite a few major changes. Of course, given a new iPhone release after the imminent iPhone 13 release in 2021 wouldn’t be for well over a year, there’s always a chance the design doesn’t pan out according to the reports.

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That didn’t stop fans from letting this leak blow their dang minds. In fact, the reported iPhone 14 leak has seemed to upend some people’s upgrade plans. Many people are pointing to the fact that they’ll be disappointed with an iPhone 13 after hearing the low-down on the supposed iPhone 14 improvements:

Apple fans’ minds are truly blown that they have to think about a reported 2022 model. Like, are we skipping iPhone 13?

A lot of Apple fans want to get on with the iPhone 13 news before they have to start thinking about the iPhone 14:

And, of course, there’s a joke about Apple CEO Tim Cook having to potentially present the iPhone 13 after the reported iPhone 14 leak:

Some people think their old phones will just stop working once the mythical iPhone 14 comes out:

Some iPhone users are barely getting used to the iPhone 12:

And although it's confusing, some people are determined to get the iPhone 13, despite the shocking leak:

And when is Siri taking over the world?

This reported iPhone 14 leak has clearly stressed out everyone waiting for what they think will be an iPhone 13 announcement on Sept. 14. With Apple yet to confirm a new iPhone for 2021, it’s probably best to tune into the event Tuesday and see what the tech giant has in store. And if you need to let off some steam, head to Twitter to get in on all the meme fun.