This Magical Tree Is Able To Grow 40 Different Kinds Of Fruit At Once (Video)

I can't tell if this is super cool or a historically large waste of time.

Eating one fruit is pretty great, but how do you eat 40 different fruits at the same time?

I mean, sure, you COULD go around to 40 different fruit trees, but that seems like a pretty big schlep, and honestly, who has the apartment space for that many fruit trees?

Sam Van Aken saw this problem and devised a way to solve it with an invention he calls the Tree of 40 Fruit -- the name could use a little work.

By using a technique called chip grafting, Van Aken was able to merge branches from 40 different fruits onto one Optimus Prime-style mega fruit tree.

The result of this process is one tree with the ability to generate 40 varieties of stone fruits.

The whole process, which takes eight to nine years, is described in the video.

You decide if it's super cool or an epic waste of time.

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