Top 10 Baby Names For April's Calf Are Here And They're Adorable AF


When it comes to patience, April the giraffe knows it's a virtue. The rest of the country? Not so much.

The internet tuned in for Animal Adventure Park's live stream of the giraffe's birth, which took quite a bit of time, to say the least.

Naturally, people couldn't handle the waiting period and grew more and more impatient each day without the calf.

It was a very long pregnancy.


Yeah, it was definitely rough.

We totally understand the frustration the Twittersphere experienced.

When April finally gave birth to her son on April 15, everyone was pretty excited.

Some companies chose to market themselves on April's behalf with a giveaway that would make the PR gods proud.

Others were just as excited about April's birth as they were about an actual human's birth (check out that hat).

Of course, kids were captivated by the internet sensation, too -- and we can't blame them.

Now that "baby" is here, America has to wait yet again -- but this time, we're waiting for the calf's name.

Thanks a lot, April. There wasn't enough time to pick a name during your pregnancy?! The nerve of this giraffe!

After April gave birth, the zoo ran a fundraiser to determine the calf's name, and people submitted their favorite baby names online.


The choices are finally in.

(Can I get a drumroll, please?)

Here they are:

1. Alyssa's choice (in honor of April's keeper, Alyssa Swilley) 2. Apollo 3. Geoffrey (the livestream was sponsored by Babies"R"Us, after all) 4. Gio 5. Harpur 6. Noah 7. Ollie 8. Patch 9. Patches 10. Unity


"Part two" of the voting has just begun, E! Online reports. The website is currently holding another fundraiser where people are allowed to enter their votes for $1 each.

Time is running out (thankfully) and votes are due by April 30. The winning name will be announced on May 1.

Personally, I'm a fan of Ollie and Patches --  but the selection remains to be seen.

For the love of God, please say there isn't a tie. I don't think we can wait any longer.

I've got to give you credit, April — you're one patient animal.

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