Mom Of Tiziana Cantone Speaks About Revenge Porn Suicide


The mom of an Italian woman who killed herself when her sex videos were posted online has spoken out about the tragic final weeks of her daughter's life.

Maria Giglio has called for improved laws to support revenge porn victims after her daughter's "life was ruined" by sexual videos posted online without her permission.

Memes were created about Tiziana Cantone after the videos went viral, and the 31-year-old later hanged herself in the family home.

Tiziana had sent the videos to five people including her boyfriend, but they appeared online the next day.

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs. Giglio revealed the huge impact the betrayal had on Tiziana. She said,

She was mocked for saying, "You're filming? Bravo," in one of the videos, and the phrase became a meme.

Mrs. Giglio explained her daughter was even being recognized in the streets after people saw the video.

She was told Tiziana had ended her life by her sister-in-law.

Mrs. Giglio said,

She added she believes the footage was posted as part of a "criminal plot," and believes her daughter was on drugs when the video was taken.

Mrs. Giglio wants the Italian and European governments to introduce stricter laws that would help revenge porn victims have videos removed quicker.

Tiziana's boyfriend and other men were questioned by police investigating the footage, but no one was charged with an offense.

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