This Tiny Detail In The New Apple Emoji Is Driving People Crazy On Twitter


As part of World Emoji Day on July 17, Apple announced new emojis coming to iOS later this year, and gave us a little preview.

Some of them are filling important gaps, like an exploding head, a steak, and a dinosaur. A sandwich. Finally, a sandwich. All things I will use extensively and for which I am grateful.

While I'm more partial to the food-related emojis, some people are pretty excited for the new puke emoji to come out. Like, more excited than I would have thought, given that it's, you know, puking.

One of my favorite things about communicating using emoji is that you have to get creative.

You have a limited set of images you can use to convey certain feelings or experiences, which often results in wildly creative conversations that rely heavily on innuendo and inference.

So I'm not a big fan of this one. I mean, it's just... out there. There's no skirting around what it's meant to be, so there's not a lot of creativity compared to, you know, the implications of an eggplant. And it's so detailed. What with the misery flashing across the emoji's brow bone, the little flecks of green splashing by sheer force away from the puddle.

It's... graphic.

Red and yellow chunks. Chunks. I shudder just at the word "chunks."

Like, what the hell was this little head eating before it started puking bright green with red and yellow chunks? My best guess is guacamole. Like, with red and yellow bell peppers instead of chips. But that still doesn't explain the brightness. Maybe it washed down the guac with some Mountain Dew.


Some people like it -- and some have even been waiting for it.

Those people are not right if you ask me.

And besides, we already have a lil face on the verge of puking.

You know the one: green, with cheeks full of... you know. This guy.

It's green. It looks miserable. I get it. That's suggestive enough for me.

So, again, thanks Apple for adding to the menagerie of emoji, but I'm gonna stick to my sandwiches and steaks.