This Legendary Man Is Scoring Dates On Tinder By Only Using Emoji (Photos)

by Gillian Fuller

There's game, and then there's game — and this dude has the kind of game most guys only dream of.

Need proof?

Just check his Tinder message history: According to the screenshots posted to Imgur, he's managed to get eight (count 'em, EIGHT) girl's numbers in the past week alone — all without typing a single word.

That, my friends, is smooth.

Instead of letting silly words get in the way (because who needs them?), the creative Casanova uses emoji for everything.

It doesn't seem like that much of an accomplishment, but when you consider the fact that a) all the girls are, before these interactions, complete strangers to him, b) he manages to get their phone numbers and c) he manages to schedule actual real-live dates with them… Well, it's all pretty impressive.

Maybe it's just a cute trick to stand out from the masses of Tinder-trolls, but in my opinion, this is a solid dating tactic. The less a man speaks, the better (for him and for me).

A+ dating game, dude. Let's just hope you're as charming in person.

He starts off simple: a check mark and "100" to indicate he likes what he sees.

Then, he texts a series of foodstuffs with a question mark: "Want to grab a bite?"

Asking for their numbers is simple: phone emoji + question mark emoji.

He even uses the little icons to set a date for the date.

This is so smooth, it has me a bit suspicious...

...especially when you notice all of the texts somehow were exchanged at the same time on the same day.

But even if the pics are Photoshopped, he has the right idea.

And for that, he earns an A+.