You'll Have This Many Hours Of Sex In Your Life, According To Research


Good news for all my single folks out there: Most people in the world aren't having that much sex, anyhow.

Obviously, the amount of sex you'll have in your life varies from person to person, based on personality, relationship status, sex drive and so much more.

But, that doesn't mean good ol' fashion number crunching can't come up with an approximate amount of time the average human spends having sex in one lifetime.

Thanks to a recent survey from Reebok, we now know that number. And sorry to burst some egos, but that number is pretty damn low.

From its survey, Reebok found the average human will spend 0.45 percent of his or her life having sex. That's about 117 days of a lifetime.

So, less than 1 percent of our lives is spent on sexy times. Now I'm sure some of you reading this post are thinking,

I'm the exception to that, clearly I'm going to have sex all the time.

And hey, maybe that's true. I don't know you or your life of sexual escapades. But the numbers aren't lying.

The study was conducted by interviewing over 9,000 people from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Russia, Korea and Spain, all of whom had sex at least once.

Keep in mind, though, this survey did not provided a definition for what constitutes "sex" and what doesn't, which is arguably pretty debatable.

The survey is part of Reebok's "25,915 Days" campaign, which is intended to inspire people to push themselves to do more in the days we are all given in our lives.

A few things the survey found the average person spends a lot more time doing than sex include sitting down (29.75 percent of our lives) and socializing with loved ones (6.8 percent).

Some people might be bummed to hear they are spending so much more time sitting down than getting it on, but I stand by my years spent sitting. No one ever got pregnant from sitting.

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