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TikTokers Are Challenging Friends To Describe Them With Pictures, And The Vids Are So Fun

It’s time to get creative.

by Daffany Chan
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TikTok is all about the challenges, and there are always plenty of new ones you can try out. Of course, getting your BFFs or SO to join you in on a TikTok challenge only adds to the fun. If you're looking to find out what your friends really think about you in a hilarious and interesting way, you'll want to check out the platform's "describe me with pictures" trend. The challenge has people's crews chiming in on their characteristics with photos. If you're ready to join in on the fun, here's how to do TikTok's "describe me with pictures" challenge.

TikTok makes it super easy to create your own content and follow along when you see a viral dance or challenge. One of the latest trends, which has people capturing their, SO, sibling or BFF's personality with pictures, is certainly no exception.

All you'll have to do for the challenge is ask someone that knows you — such as your SO, BFF, parent, or sibling — to describe certain aspects of you with different pictures. For example, some categories that people have asked their friends to describe are "my style," "my sense of humor," "my personality," "my body," "my mental state," and "my intelligence." The chosen friend will then share pictures to represent how they see you in each category. The pictures can be just about anything, with plenty of people using popular memes or characters from classic movies to describe their loved ones. For example, your friend may share a picture of Dwight Schrute from The Office to describe your sense of humor, or a picture of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde to describe your personality.

Of course, you can take turns describing your friends or having them describe you. There's plenty of space to get creative and come up with the best photos to describe your BBFs or even create your own categories to prompt your SO.

Here’s how to do TikTok’s “describe me with pictures” challenge for so much photo fun.

TikTok / @jessieserra

Once you have all the pics from your BFF or SO, you can make your video by sharing all the pics with the respective prompts. Many of the videos set it to this cover of “Lovefool,” so get the music playing and show off your personality in pics as chosen by your closest pals.

If you're looking for inspo to complete the challenge, you can check out the #describemewithpictures on TikTok. As of May 24, the tag has 13.7 million views. There are a whole slew of entertaining and hilarious videos, including this video by user @jessieserra, this video by user @hyak1ra, and this video by user @lana_saksida15, that will have you ready to take on the challenge yourself.

Now that you know how to do TikTok's "describe me with pictures" challenge, you can look forward to having some laughs with your crew when they reveal what they really think about you.

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