Three Stabbed In London Tube Station In Possible Terrorist Attack

British police responded to a possible terrorist attack Saturday after three people were stabbed in a London Underground station.

Authorities responded to reports of a multiple stabbing at East London's Leytonstone station at 7 pm Saturday night.

When they arrived, they found three victims — two with minor injuries and one with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries — and the suspected assailant, who was reportedly actively threatening others with a knife.

On social media, witnesses reported hearing the suspect yell “this is for Syria” while attacking bystanders. However, these claims have not yet been verified.

Police were able to subdue and arrest the attacker, who was brought to a London police station for questioning.

Commander Richard Walton, head of the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism unit, said the incident would be treated “as a terrorist [attack]” due to the man's alleged behavior.

Last night's violence comes less than one month after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris that left more than 130 dead.

While UK officials have reportedly thwarted several attacks this year, security agencies for the island nation claim they've received intelligence indicating ISIS is targeting the UK for its next major attack.

Commander Walton cautions,

I would urge the public to remain calm, but alert and vigilant. The threat from terrorism remains at severe, which means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

An official investigation into the attacks is underway. See witness footage below (warning: graphic).

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