These Are The Three Police Officers Who Lost Their Lives In Baton Rouge


The nation is mourning the loss of three police officers killed in the Baton Rouge shootings.

As authorities continue to investigate the horrific scene that unfolded on Sunday, officials have identified the victims as Brad Garafola, Matthew Gerald and Montrell Jackson.

Brad Garafola, 45

A family man, Brad Garafola was rarely seen without at least one of his four children, said neighbor Rhonda Smith.

She told AP he was "the epitome of a peace officer" and had worked with the sheriff's office for around 24 years.

Matthew Gerald, 41

Matthew Gerald had just celebrated his fourth wedding anniversary, said family friend Skye Turner, who helped in the initial search for the officer when news of the shootings broke.

She told 4WWL, "He's a good family man, good cop, loving husband. He was a son, father, all those things you want in a spouse."

Gerald was a former Marine and Blackhawk crew chief in the Army who just joined the police department four months ago.

Montrell Jackson, 32

Montrell Jackson was a police veteran of more than 10 years. Here he is pictured with his 4-month-old son:

Ironically, he wrote a powerful plea for peace on Facebook in the wake of the Dallas shootings.

He was described as a "gentle giant" by his father-in-law Lonnie Jordan.

Police have recently opened the area where three officers were killed on Sunday morning.

Bullet holes and blood stains can still be seen near a beauty salon where the slaying took place.


Some New Orleans-area law enforcement agencies are doubling up in response.

In some cases, two single-officer cars were being sent out to respond to every call, said police spokesman Tyler Gamble.

One shooter was killed by police on Sunday, and two people of interest were arrested but later released.

Police originally responded to reports of a man with a weapon and were immediately met by gunfire when they arrived on the scene.