There's A Global Wine Shortage And You Can Blame It On The Weather

I consider myself a passionate wine aficionado to the utmost degree.

Me and wine — we simply get one another. and I wouldn't have it any other way.

You can always count on this girl right here to be sipping her fave glass of vino: Apothic Dark ~Red Blend~ (to be specific).

Wine's pretty much a loyal AF friend. I can always count on vino to be there to chill with me after a long day at work, or when I'm watching a chick flick with my main girls.


I love wine SO much, my phone case even says “rosé all day,” and has a cute liquid glass of rosé on it because obviously.

Wine is a way of life.

You can see why I became a TAD upset today when I found out this wild weather we've been experiencing could be putting our go-to bottle of wine in hardcore danger.

There's a wine shortage, SO MAYBE IT'S TIME TO FREAK THE HECK OUT.

OK, well don't freak out too much.

According to CNN, worldwide wine production is predicted to drop 5 percent this year.

The head of the International Organization of Vine and Wine, Jean-Marie Aurand, spoke with Reuters on this issue.

Jean-Marie said,

With global warming, we're witnessing an increase in exceptional events that are more frequent, longer lasting and of greater scale.

As far as wine production is concerned, this year is pretty much one of the absolute worst years since the beginning of the actual CENTURY.

If your favorite wine comes from South America, nations such as Argentina and Chile are seriously at risk because there is anticipated to be a big decline in output.

South America is famous for its red wine grapes like Malbec. Vineyards throughout the country have really been hurt by intense rain from El Niño.

We also have this weather to thank for hurting elite wine producers like France and South Africa.

BUT, the United States is actually likely to counterbalance some of this hardship. There's a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel I guess?!

Overall, there will be less wine in this world, and that is v. depressing if you ask me.

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