This Text May Prove Brock Turner Sent His Friends A Naked Photo Of The Victim

It is likely Brock Turner -- apart from being found guilty of sexually assaulting an unidentified victim on the night of January 17, 2015 -- also took and sent a photograph of her breasts to his group chat.

Police quickly obtained a warrant to search his phone, after Brock received a text message, obtained by Daily Mail, from his group chat that read:

Santa Clara Police Department

But when police searched the phone, they found no photographs.

However, as the police report states,

When there is a third party application, the images are not stored on the phone and can be deleted by a third party member in the group.

The other possibility is, I guess, other members of the chat were sending around nude photographs. For example, the person who sent a photograph and wrote "bonessss" above. This photograph was also deleted.

Countering that argument, however, is the fact that, when the police found the victim, she had one breast exposed — echoing the text message received on Brock's phone, as Cosmopolitan reports. Here's the screenshot of the police report:

Santa Clara Police Department

The report says,

She was wearing a bra, and it was only covering her right breast.

By the time the police received a warrant to search his phone, his friends would have had ample time to hear he'd been arrested and promptly delete any evidence. It is still unclear, but it was an angle the prosecutor brought up in the trial.

Despite this, and countless inconsistencies in Brock's ridiculous story from that night (some of which we pointed out yesterday), the judge saw fit to give him only a six-month sentence. He could've faced up to 14 years after the guilty verdict.

Now, Brock is set to serve only three months out of that six-month sentence because of “good behavior.”

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