Teen Suffers Brain Aneurysm After Trying This Viral Internet Challenge

The latest Internet challenge reportedly left a teenager with dozens of staples in his head and vision loss that may be permanent.

According to New York Daily News, 14-year-old Skylar Fish was previously a regular participant of the so-called "duct tape challenge," which involves people wrapping their bodies in tape and trying to free themselves.

The Renton, Washington teen admitted he and his friends used to tie each other to poles and see if they could get out on their own.

But on January 16, Skylar's friends duct taped his arms and legs while he was standing up instead of taping him to a pole.

He then apparently fell over as he tried to break free, hitting his head on a window frame and then concrete.

Skylar compared the impact to being "hit by a car."

Posted by Siemny Kim on Monday, January 25, 2016

His mother, Sarah Fish, told KIRO,

When he fell, he hit the corner of the window frame. It crushed his whole eye socket... It pinched off the nerves in his eye.

It is unclear whether Skylar will ever regain vision in his left eye.

He additionally sustained a brain aneurysm, had broken cheekbones and needed 48 staples in his head.

Posted by Siemny Kim on Monday, January 25, 2016

Skylar reportedly lost most of his memory of January 16, but he is well aware he narrowly escaped death.

He hopes his injuries will teach his peers the dangers of the challenge.

Last week, Sarah Fish created a GoFundMe page to help cover costs associated with his injuries.

The page states Skylar will undergo rehab for several weeks after leaving the hospital.

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