Teen Asks For Favor On Facebook Hours After Throwing Her Baby Out The Window

A teenager from Omaha, Nebraska threw her newborn baby out the window of her apartment building -- and then turned to Facebook for help.

The mother in question is Antonia Lopez, and she's being charged as an adult for her child's death.

According to DailyMail.com, authorities said the 16-year-old girl went into labor on Friday and gave birth to a baby girl in the bedroom of her second floor apartment.

After that, she threw her child out the window.

Authorities said Lopez told her mother what happened after tossing her baby. Her mom found her granddaughter in the grass outside of their apartment, quickly called 911 and then gave her CPR while waiting for the paramedics.

However, 32 minutes before help arrived at the scene, an eerie Facebook status was posted under Lopez's name. She was asking Facebook for a "favor" -- specifically one from someone who owns a car.


The status now has many Facebook users commenting on it. They're outraged by the actions of the teenager, calling her a "baby killer" and questioning what she would have done with a car.

Regardless of Lopez's intentions, her baby girl was dead by the time she was transported to the hospital, paramedics said.

On the Friday following the crime, Lopez was taken to the hospital and was later charged with one felony count of child abuse turning to death.

Although there isn't yet a clear answer as to why she threw her daughter out the window of her apartment, another chilling Facebook status of hers from January is making a lot of people question her character.

The post shows Lopez holding a baby doll, which was supposedly an assignment for a class on parenting. Her caption reads, "This thing so annoying," with an emoji showing disgust.

Whether or not this post was a sign of what was to come or simply a coincidence, Lopez will forever deal with the consequences of killing her newborn daughter.

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