This Grown Man Creepily Tried To Kiss A Sleeping Teen On A Plane

Horrible, creepy, disgusting, male douchebag alert.

An Alaskan Airlines flight from Oregon to Alaska was recently diverted when a grown-ass man allegedly attempted to kiss a sleeping teenager, innocently sitting next to him on the plane. The girl was 16 years old and the creepy, disgusting, male douchebag was a whopping 23 years old.

A spokesman for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has said the pilot was made aware of the incident at 2 pm and the man, from California, was immediately arrested for "fourth degree assault" upon landing in the Seattle area. The girl remained on the flight, which landed in Alaska at 3 pm.

Seriously? Not only is this creepy, disgusting, male douchebag unable to wrap his warped brain around the notion of "consent" but he's also so low as to assault a minor while she's sleeping. Incidents such as this can have lifelong, detrimental damage to a young woman's self-esteem and sense of safety in the world.

However, the victim showed incredible strength for speaking up and having this man arrested. It's not easy to speak up in frightening, compromising situations such as this (especially when you're a teenager), so she is clearly demonstrating fully-realized strength and hopefully her voice will raise awareness to the greater issue at stake here: sexual assault.

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