Teen Murder Suspect Posts Creepy Killing Fantasies On FB: 'I Wouldn't Mind'

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A recent high school graduate with aspirations to join the US Navy was sadistically murdered, allegedly by two teenage classmates who publicly fantasized about “death and murder” on their respective social media pages.

The body of Sam Poss (pictured below), 18, who went missing last Saturday, was discovered by police in the woods on Wednesday, after a four-day, large-scale search by authorities in Houston County, Georgia.


Sam Poss' body was found with stab wounds to his chest, but a preliminary autopsy revealed the cause of death was strangulation.

This case is disturbing. I don't know why anybody would do this to someone.

Dakota White, 17, and Brandon Warren, 18, were picked up by the police soon after. Below, are the two suspects' mugshots. White is on the left, Warren on the right. They are being held without bond.

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Poss was last seen leaving Dakota White's house on the night of the killing near 1 am. His father's home was less than half a mile away. His father reported him missing after he failed to return home.

His body was discovered 5 miles away four days later.

The victim and his two alleged attackers had all, at one point, been students at Perry High School. White and Poss were allegedly friends and often played video games together, whereas Warren only knew Poss peripherally, according to WMAZ.

Authorities have taken a closer look at the social media pages and phones of the two suspects, and, in the words of Perry Police Captain, Heath Dykes, “Honestly, they are disturbing.”

Although no motive has yet been established, police have paid particular attention to the Facebook pages of the White and Warren, which are littered with disturbing statements around death and murder from both parties.

Some of the most troubling status updates from White, whose Facebook name is TG Rilla, can be seen below, including the following:

"Sometimes you just need to snap"


"When you go to finally lay down and realize there is blood all over your pillow lol"


“I wouldn't mind taking a knife, shoving it into someones throat and just watch them choke on their own blood until they die”


And Warren's Facebook page has this ominous “intro”:

Who could love you, but the mold that sprouts from your cold sad corpse.

Warren also posted numerous news stories about Poss' disappearance since last Saturday asking people to “please share.”

White told police Poss, who lived near White, went to his house to fix a computer, although investigators say he has since changed his story.

Captain Dykes has expressed his utter bewilderment regarding the gruesome crime:

This case is disturbing. I don't know why anybody would do this to someone.

He explained it seemed as though Poss lost his life for "no reason whatsoever."

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to assist Poss' parents with funeral fees. You can donate here.